2. toofaroutastronaut:

    fabulous day with riffertomsun
    I like the way my sun glasses look

  3. theswinginsixties:


    (Source: nickdrake)

  4. theswinginsixties:

    The MC5 on stage in Ann Arbor, 1969.

  5. toofaroutastronaut:


    So it snowed yesterday….

    that picture makes me feel some kind of way riffertomsun

    You make me feel some type of way.

  6. Pretty happy.

  7. toofaroutastronaut:

    feeling particularly fab in river’s baja 

  8. For my bell ringer in theater class, I had to make an acronym out of my name..so I did…

  9. I threw in the last photo cuz im hot

  10. Photos from my window.